Music Declares Emergency - No Music On A Dead Planet

No Music On A Dead Planet

Music Declares Emergency ist eine Gemeinschaft aus Künstler*Innen, Organisationen und Akteur*innen der Musikbranche, die zum Schutz unseres Planeten und als Teil der Klimabewegung über den Klima-Notstand aufklärt und auf ein sofortiges Handeln abzielt. Wir glauben an die Kraft der Musik, um den Wandel voranzutreiben und eine lebenswerte Zukunft für uns alle zu ermöglichen.

"It’s vital that we back this campaign. The threat from climate change is real and we all need to play our part in combatting it. Music may not have the impact of some other industries, but we can still do more to reduce our own carbon footprint and use our platform to spread the message that action needs to be taken. Mike Smith, MD"
Warner Chappell Music UK
"The Midi Music Company believes that if we are to leave any legacy for future generations, then we must ACT NOW...No Planet, No Future!! The government has a chance to endorse cleaner energy and re-focus its investments in more zero-carbon initiatives, helping to reduce pollution and give children a healthier future...this moment in human history is an opportunity to make changes for all of our futures. RESET and REWIND!! Make sustainable living a way of life...we are working to incorporate zero-carbon bikes with visuals and sound systems with Lionbeat (Jean Claude), pioneers of the future. Every little change will make a difference."
The Midi Music Company
"Because we must all join in if there is any chance of making change."
We Out Here Festival, Outlook Festival, Dimensions Festival
"If we neglect to stand for the protection of our world environment and overall global health, we will fall prey to the irreversible repercussions to all living things for generations to come. This effort is an opportunity to join together as a musical mankind to make a powerful and unified statement...that which reflects the very essence of life and love. To the call, we respond - YES!!! Thank you "
"All of us at Serious want to work together for music and change"
"Those in power lack leadership and will. I'm hoping that pressure from a big group of people, united by common sense, can force them to make the changes needed for survival."
Annabel Wright
"Revolution begins at home. Change yourself and the rest will follow."
"To help get the plastic-free party started!"
"Kings Place is committed to the collective effort to protect the earth for all its inhabitants for generations to come. We are proud to join so many other organisations and individuals, united by music and the common cause of saving the planet. "
Kings Place
"There is no planet B"
Zoë Keating
"There might never have been an issue that singularly unites the artistic community more than the need to address climate change and acknowledge the environmental crisis we are experiencing locally and globally. Never has there been an issue where our collective effort could be more impactful on the lives of those living today and those not yet born. If there was to be only one reason whereby having an audience that follows our lead mattered and could bring about collective change in our society surely this would be it and the right time to do it. "
Sam Lee
"There has never been more urgency for the music industry to work together, have a collective voice to Government and produce an overarching strategy and resources for the changes we need to make collectively to reduce environmental impacts.
Association of Independent Festivals
"Because I care.... I care about people, and I care about this beautiful planet. I’m in awe of it, respect it and am worried about what some reckless leaders around the world are doing to it. I have kids, and I want their future to be as magical as my experience has been here so far. I’m gratefull MUSIC DECLARES EMERGENCY has been set up, so I’m signing . Thank You ! "
Nick Launay
"Its time to galvanise our collective voice, intelligence & influence and demand change."
From the Fields / bluedot / Kendal Calling
"If ever there was a moment for all humankind to rise up and take action together its Now. The wailing alarm bells for the future of our beautiful planet and all life upon it are deafening. Music connects us across all borders. We have a global voice and a massive responsibility. We'll pull together. "
Deluxxe Management/Ideal Music Prodns
"Now is the time for action at Government level."
The BRIT School
"Opera North believes that music, and specifically opera, can forge shifts in the ways we relate to one another, our environment and the world. In signing up to this climate emergency we want to show our passion and commitment to this declaration and we call on others within our industry to do the same."
Opera North
"As artists, organisations and individuals involved in music, we are in a position where we can positively influence our audiences and fans to unite with us to fight climate change. At Sound City we want to work together with everyone in our industry and beyond to make a huge positive change to this life and Earth threatening predicament."
Sound City
"We need to keep this planet alive."
Nitin Sawhney
"In a world on fire, we need to come together to create change. The time is now."
Greenbelt Festival
"For my daughter"
Will Varley
"The earlier we act to confront the climate emergency the less painful it will be. Time is running out."
Cooking Vinyl Ltd
"Because we want to help manifest change"
"MDE and all those that sign up to declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency is a start. It’s important as it puts a flag in the ground and opens up the debate needed to be had within the music industry. Ultimately we all need changes only governments and large fossil fuel corporations can enact but by declaring a Climate Emergency we are stating that we as a sector we truly know about the problem and give confidence to those within the industry and other sectors of society to discuss, declare and reimagine how we might move forward. "
Full Time Hobby
"No planet, no life.
No future, no life.
Positive action yields positive results.
Time for action.
The Bug
"It's high time the music business took the intiative in some of these crucial environmental, cultural and political issues facing the UK and more importantly, the planet. For too long, we have been too passive. But we can not rely on governments to look after the planet, they can barely look after themselves."
Bella Union Records
"Global warming is unfair to all of us, both to us and our children. It's time for us to make a choice, whether we want to be the generation that killed the planet or the generation that saved it. It's important for our future children and generations to come to make an important change right now."
"Music has the power to inspire people to change, a change that is urgently needed as our world heads towards rapid climate breakdown. Everyone working in the music and events industry needs to come together to make a difference. The time is now."
Mary Corfield, Ethical Event Management
"We all need to play our part in the coming emergency and the music industry is no exception. Indeed I think performers have a particular responsibility to use their platforms to oppose a heads-in-the-sand response to the extremely difficult times ahead"
Jon Boden
"There are no other issues that are more important than how we treat the planet we exist on.
Warren Clarke
"The future of our earth is on the line. Being an advocate for sustainability is why I signed up to Music Declares Emergency. Every opportunity to take action in support of improving our ecological conditions is a gift. "
Carleen Anderson
"The environment, the planet, nature, the woods, streams, wilds, my kids, my future grandkids, people everywhere are at the core of my art, my music, and my existence. It is time we take a stand, come together, and take a stand."
S. Carey
"Music is universal. Music is a benign contagion, spread far and wide, uncontrolled and uncontrollable by the powers that be. Little music, big music, music in major, minor, every key and every language, the most powerful of human cultural endeavors. Let's USE IT. "
Peggy Seeger
"...because i deeply agree with this declaration and it is time to act on every front. "
Amanda Palmer
"Music is a powerful tool that can be used for good. We all need to play our part if the planet is to survive."
English Folk Dance and Song Society
"This is no woke bandwagon everybody. If we don't join into one big unstoppable force of public opinion and press our governments for massive change RIGHT NOW human life will be changed irrevocably for the worse within a generation. Listen to the teenagers. They know it will soon be too late."
Neil Hannon
"“Get only what you give back." My acapella song Earth speaks in the first person, Mother Earth sharing how she feels about us making a mess of this in our teenage human evolution years. She reminds us we “get only what you give back” and she’s getting pretty fed up. Let’s not give her any more excuses to teach us a lesson! "
Imogen Heap
"As well as being a professional composer and songwriter I am a committed environmental activist. I believe that all of us need to take our campaigning into our professional circles and sound the alarm in every industry. Music has the power to reach people on an emotional and visceral level, connecting us to our deep love for the world and this one wild and precious life we are given. When we connect to love our actions for change become powerful."
Ellie Wyatt Music
"The whole world needs to change....
Music has the ability to spread this beautiful and ultimately universal message with, speed, ease and instinctual meaning..
Meadows In The Mountains
"I believe the climate crisis is the most important issue of our time, and feel the responsibility as an artist to do what I can to fight it."
Scott Helman
"I think it’s important to support this cause because I’m personally interested in survival and the survival of my children."
Hot Chip
"Shift is the time to be part of reclaiming the future"
Matt Black, Coldcut
"This shit is crazy!!"
Kathleen Hanna
"The climate is changing, we must respond quickly, and protect this beautiful earth we share with so many heavenly creatures and plants. We must act, otherwise we shall have no one to blame but ourselves."
Tom Odell
"This is a tipping point. It feels like this could be a moment to change the narrative..."
Arthur Jeffes, Penguin Cafe
"Its great we're getting properly focused on this now. Reducing our ecological footprint needs to be part of everything we do from now on. And governments must help us!"
Ninja Tune
"I‘m supporting this positive call The message..... Bring change - Build a fully carbon neutral, post petroleum all recycled World 🌎 . It can still be Day-Glo. "
Jon More (Coldcut)
"We treasure records so that the next generation can enjoy them just as we have. The environment we live in should be no different. Without our planet, there will be no music. Let's use music to stop the unimaginable from happening. This shit is horrifyingly real - we must not stay silent. "
Rough Trade
"I’m an artist who is passionate about social justice + climate justice. Glad to see this!"
Dj Spooky
"Grassroots Music Venues are the community hubs and spaces of our towns and cities; they play an important role in bringing together and inspiring local communities. Music Venue Trust believes that these venues must seize the opportunity to take action on the Climate Emergency, and play a lead role in engaging the music industry and the public in the climate debate. "
Music Venue Trust
"It's clearly a massively important issue and makes sense that the music industry comes together to campaign, grow and share this emergency with the world. I would particularly like to see an initiative developed for musicians to cut down their carbon footprint when touring, ranging from small to large scale tours."
Independent Music Law Advice
"I believe this is by far the most important issue facing the world today. "
George FitzGerald
"Enough time has been wasted - we must all face up to the whole truths regarding rapid climate change and species extinction and act now. "
Everything Everything
"This is the only thing that's important. If our climate breaks down further, it impacts all of our future. "
Sound Diplomacy
"It’s time the government took real action and for the industry to play its part in affecting change. "
Jazz re:freshed
"As one of the largest music and entertainment venues in the Gloucestershire we appreciate our responsibility to speak up about climate change and the ecological emergency.
With tens of thousands of visitors throughout the year we understand that we have the opportunity to use our platform to encourage collective action, and to champion positive climate action.
The Sub Rooms, Stroud
"As musicians in the public eye, showing solidarity together on this devastating inevitable situation, may help bring wider awareness via our fans and the industry that we are a part of. "
"This is the most important and pressing issue we face collectively as a planet. Our duty to all life on Earth means we must turn all our resources and creative wisdom to shifting our tired and entrenched pattern of destruction toward something that allows for harmony between all living things. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our children and their children. We are not being good ancestors unless we act now. "
Johnny Flynn
"Because I believe in using my work to extend the conversation into new realms."
Sarah Nicolls
"This is, by far, the most important issue of our time and every and any positive action is crucial to generate the required momentum to address the current catastrophe!"
Shambala Festival
"For many reasons, but mainly about ecology. I think we really need to clean up our act, or healthy living will become impossible. Plus, i think there is too much denial and disregard for using up the earths resources. Thats why i'm in!"
Kevin Rowland {Dexys}
"The Musicians’ Union recognises the global climate emergency. Climate change has happened and we must take immediate action to save the planet. Musicians have always played a significant part in highlighting political and social issues that affect us all. We know our members care deeply about the environment and that is why we back Music Declares Emergency - Naomi Pohl, MU Deputy General Secretary"
Musicians’ Union
"When I was a little girl, playing in the fields in southwestern Ontario, which species was extinct? The Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon. In my lifetime, and I will be 79 soon, see how much and how many have been lost. What will be left for my children and grandchildren?"
Bonnie Dobson
"We at Memphis Industries want to keep bringing the joy of music to people without the environmental cost that comes with it. To find solutions to the myriad ways in which the music industry has a negative impact on the environment will take individual and collective action, and it is time that everyone took a stand. "
Memphis Industries
"Because Earth is our first home and it’s important that we preserve it."
"It's time for all organisations in society to urgently take meaningful action to reduce impacts show leadership and inspire change at this critical moment in history. Collaboration is essential - Music Declares brings many parts of an influential industry together to form a strong voice and platform for change."
Powerful Thinking
"It is important not to get bogged down and forget about the bigger picture at a time like this. Our planet is our home and without a healthy living home we have no future. We must do everything we can to protect it."
"There is no doubt that we are facing a global climate emergency, the effects of which are becoming ever clearer in our daily lives. It is crucial that we do everything we can to change our own behaviours and the behaviours of the world’s biggest corporations, and that we influence governments in order to secure a positive future for our planet."
Association of Independent Music (AIM)
"If the world doesn't exist because we have ruined our planet, there won't be anymore music."
Geoff Travis
" The time is now. We must act swiftly and urgently to save our planet. Every choice we make individually and collectively has an impact. Let’s set the bar."
Veruca Salt
"Right now we don’t know if the forces moving us toward a kinder, more benevolent world- a truly life sustaining society- are galvanising faster than those of the Great Unravelling of the earth’s system that we see happening before us- across our landscapes and in our communities. That is why these times are of great uncertainty. This is why I have signed this declaration. It has sickened me over the years to see music so cheapened and in service of dead ideologies - “unlimited growth at all cost” etc. The madness is stopping and music is coming alive again. "
Nick Mulvey
"Music is a joy and inspiration and a universal language"
"I love this planet"
Sandie Shaw Honorary President of Featured Artist Coalition
"It’s blatantly obvious to me why we have to call an Environmental Emergency.
I believe if nothing is done soon Global warming will lead to mass human migration leading to. Conflict on a global scale. We must act now.
Geoff Barrow
"We urgently need to address the ecological crisis. Music has the power to bring about change, and Big Life has always encouraged its artists to reduce their environmental impacts and use their platform to inspire others to do the same. We need to work together as an industry to call on governments to bring about the systemic change needed both locally and globally."
Big Life Management


Die Musikbranche ruft den Klima-Notstand aus.

  • Wir fordern die Regierung, die Medien sowie die Akteur*innen der Musikbranche dazu auf, die Wahrheit über den Klima-Notstand auszusprechen.

  • Wir fordern die Regierung dazu auf, jetzt zu handeln, um den Verlust der Biodiversität zu stoppen und den Ausstoß von CO2-Emissionen bis spätestens 2030 auf Null zu senken.

  • Wir erkennen an, dass der Notstand aus globalen Ungerechtigkeiten entstanden ist und streben einen Systemwandel an, um das Leben auf unserer Erde zu beschützen.

  • Wir wissen um die ökologischen Auswirkungen, ausgelöst durch die Aktivitäten der Musikbranche und verpflichten uns zu sofortigem Handeln.

Wir werden...
  • ...uns als Gemeinschaft und Branche gegenseitig unterstützen, Expertise und Wissen miteinander teilen und aufbauen.

  • ...über den Klima-Notstand sprechen und aufklären.

  • ...darauf hinarbeiten, unsere Unternehmen bzw. Geschäftsbetrieb ökologisch nachhaltig und regenerativ zu gestalten.

Sign Up

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Danke, dass Du uns mit dem Unterzeichnen der Declaration unterstützt und Teil der Music Declares Emergency Gemeinschaft bist. Deine Unterschrift ist wichtig um den Klima-Notstand zum Thema der Musikbranche zu machen.

Du willst Teil der Lösung werden? Wir haben eine Menge an Aktionen für Dich auf dieser Seite zusammengestellt, die als Inspiration und Hilfestellung dienen sollen.

Du hast Lust uns dabei zu helfen, noch mehr Künstler*innen/Unternehmen davon zu überzeugen, sich für das Klima stark zu machen? Dann schick uns eine Mail an [email protected]

Wir werden regelmäßige Status Updates über unsere Arbeit und den aktuellen Stand der Declaration auf dieser Webseite, sowie auf unseren social media Kanälen teilen. Komm uns doch ab und zu mal besuchen.

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Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung von Music Declares Emergency.


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Wenn Du noch nicht dabei bist, ist jetzt vielleicht der richtige Zeitpunkt.

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Matt Black, Coldcut

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Musicians for Climate Action


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Music Declares Emergency ist eine Gemeinschaft von Künstler*innen, Akteur*innen und Organisationen der Musikindustrie.

Wir glauben, dass...

… der kontinuierliche Anstieg von Treibhausgas-Emissionen und die laufende Zerstörung der Natur eine klare und präsente Bedrohung für das Leben auf der Erde bedeuten.

… eine sofortige Reaktion der Regierung nötig ist, um jegliches Leben vor einer klimatologischen und ökologischen Katastrophe zu schützen.

… Musik, Musiker*innen und Akteur*innen der Musikbranche, auf Grund ihrer einzigartigen kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Bedeutung, Vorreiter*innen für einen Systemwandel sein können. Dieser ist nötig, um jegliches Leben auf der Erde zu schützen.

Wir rufen alle Beteiligten der Musikbranche dazu auf mit uns gemeinsam den Klima-Notstand auszurufen und daran zu arbeiten kulturelle und operative Änderungen vorzunehmen, die nötig sind um zu einer emissionsneutralen Zukunft beizutragen.

Wer wir sind

Music Declares Emergency - Germany (MDE Germany) ist eine politisch unabhängige Initiative, die von Künstler*innen, Vertreter*innen und Organisationen aus der Musikbranche gegründet wurde, um sich für eine gemeinschaftliche, branchenweite Reaktion auf den Klima-Notstand einzusetzen.

MDE Germany vertritt alle Bereiche der Musikbranche und wird von Freiwilligen geleitet, die durch die tiefe Besorgnis hinsichtlich des Klimawandels und des ökologischen Notstands vereint werden. Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass die Musikbranche auf Grund ihrer einzigartigen Herausforderungen eine eigene Gruppe braucht, um diese Debatte voranzutreiben.

Jede*r in der Branche kann sich beteiligen, unabhängig von Genre, Rolle, Geschlecht, Ethnie, Status oder Sexualität. Wir sind gegen jegliche Form der Diskriminierung. Dies sicher zu stellen, macht einen konsequent kritischen Blick auf unsere eigenen Strukturen unbedingt notwendig.

MDE Germany schließt sich der von UK initiierten MDE-Bewegung an. Die internationalen Gruppen unterstützen sich durch einen gegenseitigen Austausch und die Nutzung gemeinsamer Ressourcen. MDE Germany führt unabhängig dieser Zusammenarbeit einen eigenständigen, demokratischen Entscheidungsprozess.

Finanzen, Förderung und Spenden

Die Fundrazr Seite wurde eingerichtet um Kosten für z.B. Drucke, Promotionsmaterialien oder Organisation von Events zu decken. Jegliche finanzielle Unterstützung wird zentral durch die Arbeitsgruppe UK gehandhabt.

For more information on how to get involved with MDE email: [email protected]
For more information about Extinction Rebellion go to
For more information about Julie’s Bicycle go to

Werde aktiv

Im folgenden Abschnitt wollen wir Vorschläge liefern, wie Du deine Declaration mit Taten unterstützen kannst. Benenne die Klima und Umweltkrise als Solche und mache sie zum Gesprächsthema. Setze individuelle Veränderungen in die Tat um und engagiere Dich gleichzeitig auf politischer Ebene. Wie das für Dich konkret aussehen könnte, kann so bunt und abwechslungsreich sein wie unsere Community selbst. Einzelne Aktionen scheinen zuerst keinen signifikanten Einfluss zu haben, aber sie ebnen den Weg hin zu einem systemischen Wandel und dienen als Katalysator für eine größere Debatte. Du musst nicht alles auf einmal umsetzen, um Deinen Unterschrift zu rechtfertigen. Als Musik Community wird die Summe unserer Aktionen und Stimmen ordentlich Lärm machen.

Ich bin...

 ...eine/e Künstler*in, Songwriter*in oder Produzent*in

 ...ein Label

 ...ein Verlag

 ...eine Veranstaltungsstätte/ Studio

 ...ein Festival

 ...ein/e Livemusik Veranstalter*in

 ...ein/e Manager*in oder Agent*in

 ...ein Fan