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Music Declares Emergency has 3 key goals:

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  • Help musicians to use their enormous cultural influence to engage audiences with the issues – empowering artists with the tools they need to speak powerfully and confidently as part of a community.
  • Engage audiences in positive messages, behaviour change and climate action - using the influence of music to shift the dial on public opinion.
  • Support the music industry to become a cultural leader - promoting, accelerating and facilitating the steps forward the industry needs by creating a space for open collaboration, information exchange and coherent public messaging.

We can't do this without our supporters' help.

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Your donations will help us build:

  • Our artist media training programme - we offer a training programme to provide guidance to artists to help them speak out and answer questions on climate issues with the safety of assured and effective messaging. We aim to offer this to artists with a combined reach of 50M followers per year.
  • Our audience engagement programme - building an alliance of climate engaged music fans to promote climate action, behaviour change and positive consumer choices. We aim to engage 100k new sign-ups per year via our ‘Fan Club for Climate’ scheme.
  • Our industry support programme - offering our free support, expertise and leadership to the music industry to facilitate change. This includes PR support for climate-positive initiatives and products, cross-industry networking and coordination, free advice and support available for businesses wanting to take action.

Regular donations help us plan our work for the year, knowing that we'll have your support. We have big plans for 2023, and any donation you can make will help them happen.

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Music Declares Emergency is a registered charity, number 1198497