Inspired by musicians getting in touch and discussing the difficulties and costs they encounter trying to travel in less high carbon ways, Music Declares Emergency are lobbying for the creation of a railcard specifically for musicians which would discount travel on overground rail in the same way railcards operate for 'Friends & Family', ‘Two Together' or the age based 16 - 25 and 26 - 30 railcards and promote sustainable touring.

We feel that the rail card would both support musicians trying to lessen their environmental impact and be a symbolic

statement about the future of touring: framing the conversation as to what is possible.

Once the rail card is in place it could then open up further discussions to ease touring by train such as:

  • Many small venues around the country are struggling to survive and it is possible the development of such a card could tie in to promote campaigns such as saveourvenues as a positive force for the environment and help sustain the lifeblood of the UK music industry
  • A map combining the UK's music venue network and the rail network to include specific station and venue details
  • Help fund raising for backline and maintenance at local venues to support both upcoming local musicians and train touring musicians.
  • Secure storage for instruments - lobby for better storage or dispensation for stowing instruments to enable ease of touring with the train companies

We are currently contacting the stakeholders within UK Music for feedback and once we have enough support intend to refine the campaign to move ahead and push for results.

For more information on the Musicians’ Railcard initiative email [email protected]