Classical Declares

Classical Declares was formed in April 2021 in order to expand the Music Declares Emergency working group into the worlds of classical, opera, choral and composition.

Our aim is to bring awareness of the climate and ecological emergency into our professional circles and help facilitate discussion about what we can do in our professions to address it. Our group welcomes anyone with a profession in these areas of music as we try to expand the sharing of best practice through a growing network of ensembles and organisations that are taking action to reduce their environmental impact and educate their audiences.

We aim to regularly bring people from across our sector together to discuss the issues we are all facing. See our panel discussions below:


Erin Benim – Violinist
Lea Bruckner – Violinist
Ben Comeau – Organist
Chris Hutchings - Choirs For Climate
Orlando Jopling - Conductor & Cellist
Jasmin Kent Rodgman – Composer
Sarah Nicolls - Pianist & Composer
Maitane Sebastian – Cellist
Ben See - Singer & Choral Director
Henry Southern - Harrison Parrott
Anneka Sutcliffe – Violinist
Nina Vinther - Classical Singer
John Warner - Orchestra for the Earth
Ellie Wyatt - Songwriter & Composer



Dear Audience,

We have been missing you! For the last 12 months the global pandemic has silenced concert halls, theatres and live music venues. Our industry, and the arts in general, have been hit hard but today we come together in recognition of the fact that we all face a far greater and more serious threat.

Every breath we take and every bite we eat relies on a healthy planet. Climate breakdown, pollution and ecosystem loss are threatening the stability of our societies and will continue to do so for generations to come. The science is clear. We are in a climate and ecological emergency.

Great art has always been inspired by nature and our awe for the beautiful planet we share; from the pastoral works of Edward Elgar, Florence Price and Ralph Vaughan Williams to the contemporary compositions of Rachel Portman, Nitin Sawhney and Liza Lim. Music is a translator of complex emotions and ideas, an expression of community and a soundtrack to change.

So, today we add our names to the 5000+ organisations and artists who are ‘Music Declares Emergency’. Across the music industry we will work to ‘Turn Up the Volume’, to call for urgent, international government action on the climate and ecological emergency.

As artists, venues, agents and all the members of our industry we will actively share best practice in order to divest from fossil fuels, reduce waste, pollution and carbon emissions. We want to instigate an open conversation about the challenges of creating a sustainable music profession and we commit to using our platforms to inspire, educate and demonstrate change.

Music has the power to bring us together and reveals our collective creativity. Now is the time to take action, to envision a thriving and regenerative future and protect all that we love for future generations.

We hope that you, our audiences, will join us on this journey.

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