So…. you’re interested in putting on a pop-up live event with your choir? Great! Now what?

The idea of doing the live event is to bring the song and its message to a wider audience and create a mass-singing event up and down the country.
You can do this in any way that you think is right for you and your choir.


When should the live event take place?

We want to create a huge moment all over the UK on the 30th October, so to be part of this, we recommend holding the event on the 30th October at a time that suits you.

Where should I put on the live event?

You can take your choir to the middle of your local highstreet, in front of the town hall, in the park, your local favourite nature spot, anywhere you like! We would love as many people as possible to see / experience the event, so the more public, the better.

We recommend holding the event outdoors and following government guidelines to stay covid-safe.

Let’s ‘Sing The Change’ and send out the message that we want to save our Wonderful World!

What should happen at the live event?

The focus of the live event will be to bring attention to the issue of climate change by singing What a Wonderful World. You can do this in anyway that feels right for your group, and here are some of our suggestions:

  • Turn up to a public-place, flash-mob style and sing “What a Wonderful World” to give passers by a nice surprise

  • Invite your friends and family to your favourite nature-spot for a special rendition of “What a Wonderful World”

  • Get in touch with other choirs in your local area and join forces to create a larger event.

  • Film your event and put it online with the hashtags #SingTheChange #WonderfulWorld #NoMusicOnADeadPlanet - social media assets are available here.

For any more info, please feel free to get in touch via email: [email protected]